New Year, New Me. But… which gym?
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There is little research to explain why all of the sudden on January 2nd the masses become eager to be the healthiest version of themselves and start living their best life. “New Year, New Me” is in full effect and choosing a gym that will be your home away from home is no easy task. If you make the wrong choice, you may not feel comfortable going multiple times a week for however long it takes to reach your fitness goal. Here is a non-biased list of 10 things to look for…

1. Location

The more conveniently located your new gym is, the less likely you are to fall off the wagon. Choose one that will fall into your daily driving routes such as on the way to or from work or close by where you take your kids to practice a few times a week.

 2. Membership Value (not lowest price)

Going with the lowest price option might sound appealing in the short term. But in the long term you’ll be paying more with the time you could waste repeating the same mistakes on the same cardio machine over and over without guidance in the right direction. Choose the fitness club that not only has everything you need to reach your goal but also has the expertise to help you too. Now that’s value.

 3. Membership Demographic

Consider the demographic attending. Some women might be more comfortable being in an all women’s gym where as couples should consider co-ed gym options.

4. Services Available

Think about what services will match your needs (showers, tanning, child care etc.). Extra services such as a smoothie bar and pro shop are a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time or forgot a crucial gym item at home.

5. Hours of Operation

Make sure the gym you choose has business hours that correlate with your schedule and are consistent with their hours of operation and class schedules.

6. Personal Trainers

A gym with a knowledgeable training staff will not only stop you from making the most common newbie mistakes but will also help keep you motivated, accountable and mentor you throughout your entire fitness journey. Ask to see personal training certifications.

7. Group Fitness Classes 

Incorporating group fitness will help keep you motivated and push you past your comfort zone. Choose a fitness center with a variety of classes for beginner, intermediate and even experts in fitness.

8. Cleanliness

Choosing a clean facility is an important factor. You do not want to exercise in a dirty facility where germs are a plenty.  A fitness center staff that takes pride in what they do, make it a priority to keep their gym clean. 

9. Quality of Equipment

Low quality or old equipment might lead to injury. Do not put yourself in harms way just to save a few dollars.

10. Staff

Choose a kind, cheerful and friendly staff that greets you every time you walk in and thanks you for coming in every time you leave.  Choose a team you will look forward to seeing every day.

Not everyone who started this article will make it to the very end. Much like not everyone to start in January will make it. Notice you’re already doing well. Keep feeding your mind the good stuff and drown out the haters and the noise. The best of luck on your fitness journey. Attitude is everything.